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As a startup founder, finding software developers is incredibly challenging. While we want our developers to be as passionate as we are, this is a perfect world that rarely exists. Instead, we need to appreciate that the software developers we hire are helping to convert our ideas into a reality, and therefore the framework needs to be in place to attract the right people.

Startups are often competing with large organisations and well regarded growth businesses that can support higher salaries, have an established name, or both. This is what makes the software developer hiring process so competitive.

Simultaneously, you…

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If you’re a startup founder and you’re about to launch your web or mobile app (or perhaps you already have), you’ve likely heard of the importance of performance testing. If you haven’t, performance testing is the process of testing your software with a large number of “fake users” to ensure your technology doesn’t crash or decline in performance when subject to use. This helps to ensure the technology stays fast, responsive, and ultimately has a strong user experience as a result.

Performance testing should always be separated into its own stage as it doesn’t really align well with other software…

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Before examining the evolution of supply chain management and what we can expect over the next decade, we should first observe an optimised supply chain.

Case Study: Uber

Let’s start with a case study of Uber. Why? Because this ride sharing business has a more optimised supply chain than most supply chain managers are capable of implementing.

The customer journey for Uber is handled seamlessly from your mobile device and looks something like this:

  1. You unlock your phone and select the Uber app.
  2. You enter your destination with my origin location geolocated.
  3. You review the transport methods available to you.
  4. You select the…

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In January 2019, I was heading from Sydney to New York to visit a family member who was living abroad at the time.

I had planned to stay from Saturday to the following Sunday, giving me two weekends with her. However, I had no plans for the work week in the middle, so I decided it would be prudent to focus on creating work opportunities.

The only issue was that at the time, my business’ primary offering had a six month sales cycle, preventing me from focussing on that.

Instead, my account manager convinced me to attempt a podcast given…

Boost Morale with a Feedback Loop
Boost Morale with a Feedback Loop
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Two weeks ago, my team completed a project and we delivered it to the client. They received the work, confirmed all was finalised, and we published the works thereafter. The whole engagement was extremely disheartening.

Was the project done? Yes.
Was it created per their requirements? Yes.
Did they express gratitude? Yes.
Did we feel excited? No.

There’s this issue emerging amidst working from home whereby the feedback loop has seemingly disappeared. There have been less meetings and therefore more time for execution. Our productivity on tasks is heightened. …

If ever there were a meme that sums up the entrepreneurial spirit …

Credit: Dumb and Dumber (1994)

“A 1 in a million chance at success? Quick, let’s register a domain!”

As entrepreneurs, we’re born optimists.

Where others see COVID-19 as doomsday, we see it as opportunity.

We’ve seen companies like Uber, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, Groupon, and Slack, all come about during the GFC.

So how can we follow suit?

We need to spend this time critically analysing human behaviour and critiquing it, in order to reinvent how things are done.

And it’s US that need to be driving this change.

And just what sort…

While I marvelled at the capabilities of Siri when it was first released, I was far from impressed when I started using it myself back in 2011. But all hope was not lost! Microsoft soon after released Cortana, which uses inflexions in dialogue seamlessly, convincing me that Microsoft left Cortana sounding partially digital as a reminder that it is still virtual (and at the time, also convincing me that Microsoft still had a chance). Amazon then went one step further by integrating Alexa with countless other services. This helped them to increase Alexa usage on home devices by a multiple…

Asking if you need to care about artificial intelligence (or AI) is the equivalent of asking whether you need to care about your job. The answer to both? If you’re retired, probably not. Sit back and relax, Siri will do its best to answer any questions you have (because that’s the highest AI exposure you’re getting today).

I know that’s an extremely daunting opening, so let’s dig a little deeper. Firstly, despite the terrible attempt at humour, Siri is a clear indicator of where AI is at the moment. In short, it has huge potential, but just seems to do…

Even though they’re consistently used in the same context, I want to start by declaring that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not the same thing. Despite the similarities, calling these the same merely demonstrates a lack of understanding regarding this industry (which, ironically, is one of the biggest threats this industry faces).

Blockchain is a type of data storage.
Cryptocurrencies use the blockchain to be built.

They’re not the same thing. Now that we’ve sorted this out, let’s move on to bigger and better things, and leave that idea in 2018.

If you’d like to read more about the technology itself…

I’ll start this blog by sharing that I’m no expert when it comes to dating.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying I discourage my friends from coming to me with dating advice, because I’ll always be overly biased based on my experience with that person. I call it “being a good friend”.

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen in dating though (from my very limited lens) is the disconnect between two people’s intentions. If you didn’t meet the love of your life at the age of 16, you’ve probably experienced it. One person wants a relationship, the…

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